Friday, February 10, 2012

Light in Action

Humans have a fascination with light; a fascination that I, of course, chase every time I pick up a lens to look through. The complex intersection in this image, located at the bottom of Queen Anne Hill in Seattle, stands in the shadow of the Space Needle and is busy all day and all night. In 2009, a set of ever-changing lights were added to the existing Counterbalance Park on the northeast corner of the intersection. These bright neon lights add a whole new element to the challenge of capturing colors and action at night.

Location: Lower Queen Anne Hill, Seattle, Washington
Season: Spring
f-stop: 20
Shutter speed: 30 seconds
Focal length: 38mm
ISO: 400

1 comment:

birder said...

Very cool! Great to see all the info about the photo, some photographers hide that...for some strange reason. Had fun with the zoom tool.