Friday, January 30, 2009

Speedy The Turtle

Hello, everyone...let me introduce you to Speedy the Turtle!

This is a fun story: When I was a small lad I found a turtle in Lake Washington. A shy turtle, as most are; I adopted him (or stole him from his natural habitat, whichever you prefer) with the hope that we would become friends. One day I was playing with my turtle on the lawn (keep in mind this lawn stretched about 70 yards to the lake). I became distracted for what seemed like a split-second and when I turned around, he was about five feet from the shore. I chased after my turtle but it was too late- he got away! I was sad, but knew he would be happier in the wild. Still, I hadn't even given him a name yet. Since this turtle was so darn quick, I named him Speedy.

Years later I was at the same property, heading to the boat for some solid time out on the water. As I came up to the dock, I noticed a bump on the landing. It was a big turtle! Immediately I must be Speedy! Speedy was fast asleep on the warm wood planks of the dock and didn't even see me as I got my equipment out (I was lucky to actually have it with me, considering I was going swimming).

I had snapped just a few shots when Speedy woke up and gave me a big yawn! Speedy was very cooperative and allowed me to take him to a few locations for a nice hour-long photo shoot. Still, I like the image of him yawning the best. And, yes, I put him back in the lake after I was finished:)

Seadragon this image!

Location: Mercer Island, Washington
Season: Summer
f-stop: 4.5
Shutter speed: 1/640
Focal length: 105mm
ISO: 100

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Janelle said...

Speedy is such a pretty turtle. Looks like he is a happy turtle basking in the sun. He really has cool eyes.