Friday, October 5, 2007

From the Flowerbox

It's funny. When you walk around a small foreign town (such as Reutte, Austria) at night, wearing a hoodie over your head and are climbing up people's front steps and sitting in planter boxes to get shots, you get a lot of uneasy looks and stares. After a while I really felt like I was doing something bad. Then I looked at this shot and all my worries and cares left me. I couldn't believe how busy I made this frame when, in actuality, the town I was in was so quite and uneventful. For this shot I set my camera in a planter box on the side of the street and over-exposed to accentuate the color of the flowers and lights. I also timed the shot for when a car was driving by- thus the band of white streaking behind the flowers at the bottom of the frame.

Seadragon this image!

Location: Reutte, Austria
Season: Summer
f-stop: 2.6
Shutter speed: 4 sec
Focal length: 6mm
ISO: 200
Compensation: +2 step
Other comments: I used the pocket tripod for this shot as well as a 3-second timer.

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